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Getting an accurate holistic diagnosis is the first step in returning to normal health. 
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How do I get diagnosed?

Step 2

Use Live Video (Charges may apply or use A.I. Telehealth Services for free
(≈ 20% of diagnoses)

Step 3

Order & Receive Your DNA Lab Test Quantcorder

Step 4

Get your full Quantcorder results within 3 days after self-testing

Step 5

Return Your DNA Samples for our Laboratory Analysis

Step 6

After sending us back your DNA Samples expect your Full Lab Test Results within 2-3 Weeks

About Dial a Doctor

Dial a Doctor uses the next generation of medical technology helping 1 million+ patients with a nearly 100% accurate diagnosis.

We use the Quantcorder + DNA Lab Test to provide quick, accurate, affordable diagnostic to everyone.

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After many years of bad food habits, my health continue to suffer. Finally I found Dial a Doctor. Thank goodness, I feel like in paradise now!

Åsa, Sweden

The quantcorder was unbelievable…until I tried it. Revolutionary…try it yourself and you will be amazed.

Chad, California

They say in old age your health always declines. Dial a Doctor’s Diagnostics + Scannutrition showed me this was not true. You can be healthy later in life.

Arek, Sweden

You are what you eat. Dial a Doctor showed me what was missing. Now I can live a normal life again.

Riziki, Tanzania

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the test work?

Telehealth services (according to our extensive experience) will identify roughly 20% of patient illnesses. For the other 80% of patients, we will send you the Quantcorderto use + DNA/RNA Analysis, to successfully diagnose nearly 100% of our patients. We offer a money-back guarantee.

How soon can I expect my results?

Telehealth services last around10-30 min.

Once you receive your personal Quantcorder, expect diagnostics analysis results within 2-3 days.

For the DNA Analysis Lab Test, expect results 2-3 weeks from the time you send DNA/RNA samples to us.

Results can be checked via web app or by e-mail.

How accurate are the diagnosis results?

We are so confident in our results that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

What is the Quantcorder?

The quantcorder is a device that uses Quantum Biology algorithms to analyze molecules in any living organism.

The basic technology is from military technology and is used on the international space station. Accuracy is close to 100%.

This technology represents the future of 21st century global health care. There are only a few people globally who understand this technology today,

We estimate this technology to be commonly accepted globally around 2050.

The Quantcorder and the way it functions is patent & industrial design protected.

If you are interested in the underlying technology, then click on the button below, where we try out best to explain as simply as possible how the technology work.

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Why haven't I heard about this type of healthcare before?

Western modern healthcare, has been around for 100 years. It is based on removing symptoms.

However, it does not find the root cause of health problems. Truly understanding what your body is missing is what allows you to return to normal health.

It is less profitable for the health & food industries to keep people healthy. The addiction to sugar, leading to metabolic syndrome & chronic health problems, is more profitable for capitalism than a healthy population.

If you follow the money, the profits made from sugar addiction, alcohol (the second most dangerous drug), & prescription drugs should raise questions about the current healthcare system.

The truth is, all chronic health problems can be solved with a healthy diet. We are able to offer this type of healthcare, by first identifying what micro-nutrients your body is missing, then replenishing your system with a healthy diet & measured missing micro-nutrients.

This technology will replace most of today’s healthcare, but it all starts with an accurate diagnosis.

Will I be required to change my diet?

Absolutely. The father of medicine Hippocrates said

“You are what you eat”

“Let your Food be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine be Thy Food”.

To return to normal health, there are no shortcuts when it comes to diet.